Hi Rius,

My name´s Silvy. I´m Spanish and I was born in Barcelona. I have a brother who lives in Barcelona´s capital, and my parents live next tome four years ago.

Now I´m going to tell myself:

I´m a standard person, brown eyes, small nose, medium height and thin. I´m a positive person because always I´m happy and always I have new illusions. I think if you haven´t illusions in the live you are a boring person and unmotivated person is for it I like to surround myself with people who want to have new knowledge.

I have two dauthers  about me they say I´m a talkative person because I´m always talkining with my friends.

In my free time I like reading and I love going to the mountain bike. But in the week I haven´t time because I´m working and studiing.

Now that you know somethings about my personality and my preferences. I would like know you a little more. You can send me a e-mail about yourself as soon as possible.

Best regards,


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