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My name is Laura, I'm Spanish and live in Barcelona, is a beautiful and big city. I live with my father, my mother and two sisters in a town of Barcelona, Sant Boi.

I'm 20 years old, and I'm working and studying. I'm working as  a nurse assistant in  San Pablo hospital in the mornings, and in the afternoon ism studying at  the adults school.

I don't very tall nor short, i'm medium. I have a short hair and brown whith streaked blond. I have a brown light eyes and the nice litlle mouht whit beautiful sonrise.

I think I'm a positive person. I'm quite extrovert, pleasant and friendly.

In my free time I like going to  parties, I love dancing salsa and listening to music. Well I like  going to the cinema, going to the funfair, and going out with my best friends. But I don't have much free time because I'm working in the morning and studying in the afternoon. My free time is at weekends.

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