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Es un actor norteamericano y tiene una cerie muy famosa que hoy en dia se sigue transmitiendo el la tv y tiene un gran centido del humor. Seleda bien cantar y hacer peliculas una de sus gran peliculas es los hombres de negros.

Word definitions

1.Across: Is like a little tiger.

2.Across: You can use this for listening to the music if you have CD.

3.Across: Sundays you can go to  eat a paella.

3.Across: She is a heroin in Tom Raider. 

3.Across: If you have ones you can go to the mountain and go down slopes.

4.Across: Whe you are 18 years old in Spain you can have...



Word definitions Torrecillas

2- It´s a thing which you eat and it is cold

4- It´s the opposite of tall or large

6- You can eat. With bread, ham and cheese...

8- The vampires do it when they are hungry

10-It´s made of wood and used for burning

12-It´s the place where you can watch movies

14-It´s where on you can sleep

17-is the person that plays football


2. it's a thing that you can eat in summer and it's sweet and my favorite flavour is vanilla.

4. it's the opposite of tall or large.

6. you can eat cold or hot. Two slice of bread  bread and ham or  cheese....

8. the dogs do it when they are angry.

10. men watch this on TV every Sunday.

12. you can go to see a new film.

14. it's a place where you go to sleep.

15. it's a place where you can cook.

17. is a person that his or her job is football.

19. it's the person who is very nice, friendly,...


word definitions Paloma

It's a thing where you look for a word definition

It's the person with public duties and it's a member of a political party

It´s an expression of face when somebody is happy

It´s the person who doesn't work and do homework

It´s a place where you buy food.

It´s the opposite of light

It´s the person who doesn't bother to give everything

It´s an action when you hit someone or something with your leg


Word definitions Marta Soriano

It's a thing which you use when you want a word definition

It's the person that represents a village.

It's an expression of the face when somebody is happy.

It's a thing which you use to write.

It's somebody who works with the hear.

It's the place where you go to learn to drive.

It's the machine which you use to prepare juice.

It's the opposite of dark.

propuesta de Maria Ruby


4. The opposite of large

10. When two teams play in the arena ( or stadium)

12. It's a place where several films or movies are shown

17. People that play football.

19. a person that doesn't chat or talk


2.It's a good and cool thing that one can eat when is too hot.

8.It's when a person or an animal bites another and bleeds.

6. It's a small meal for snack, with bread.

15. Where you can cook

14. Where you can sleep.